Sustainability Policy

Inverawe Smokehouses is committed to reducing its environment impact. Integral to this is our salmon sourcing policy.

All our salmon comes from farms which are also committed to sustainable production. The farms are located in areas with strong tidal flows in either the coastal waters off Argyll or the Shetland Isles.

flying fish

Our suppliers understand their place in nature and actively seek to limit their impact. The key objective is to ensure the integrity of wild fish stocks and prevent pollution. They strive to achieve the highest standards of fish welfare and have eliminated preventative use of antibiotics whilst ensuring low stocking densities which help to build stronger healthier fish. Feed comes from sustainable fishmeal sources and a low fat diet is used.

Inverawe's external suppliers are audited regularly to maintain the highest levels of sustainability, welfare and environmental practices.

Situated on the West Coast of Scotland, 80 miles north of Glasgow Inverawe Smokehouses offers a 'true taste of the Highlands' worldwide.

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