Roast Smoked Salmon

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These handy packs for sliced roast smoked salmon are sure to impress you in the same way they did the judges in the 2012 Great Taste awards. Simply succulent, hot-smoked salmon makes a delicious treat when served with salad, creamed potatoes and our dill mayonnaise sauce. Great, too, for pasta toppings, baked potato filling, risotto or kedgeree.

Salmon(98%) (Fish), Salt, Beech & Oak Smoke


Energy(kj)       1058g
(kcal)           254g
Fat(g)            19g
Carbohydrates(g)   7.1g
OfwhichSugars(g)  0.6g
OfwhichSaturated(g) 4.8g
Protein(g)         10g
Salt(g)          0.92g
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