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Inverawe Smokehouses magazine articles and press cuttings

Recent newspaper stories and other media coverage of Inverawe Smokehouses and our range of smoked salmon, smoked fish and other Scottish fine foods

Scottish Field Magazine - January 2008

Scottish Field magazine article on Inverawe Smokehouses' smoked salmon and Scottish food recipes
The modern kitchen is where new recipes are tested to produce gourmet foodstuffs to complement Inverawe's famous smoked salmon. Scottish Field Magazine - January 2008

The Independent Newspaper

Article from The Independent praising the Inverawe Scottish Organic Smoked Gift Box

From the Foodie section an article entitled 'Impeccable Taste, gastronomic delights to help everyone eat, drink and be merry.' by Helena Pozniak.

Inverawe Scottish Organic Smoked Gift Box. This family-run Argyll smokehouse has won many plaudits for its impeccable smoked salmon - and this box combines the best on offer from Inverawe. Even if you're not a smoked salmon fan, you'll appreciate the subtle flavours of succulent, buttery quality fish. An attractively wrapped box ... The Independent Newspaper - 7th December 2007

Olive Magazine

Olive Magazine article stating Inverawe Smoked Salmon was voted best organic

From their Expert Advice Taste Test for Smoked Salmon - Inverawe Smoked Salmon was voted the Best Organic.

Inverawe subtly smokes this pale salmon so the flavour of its top quality fish isn't overshadowed. Soft and buttery, the delicate slivers will almost melt in your mouth - this is one to try even if you're not usually a fan. Olive Magazine - December 2007

The Independent Magazine

Independent Magazine article listing the Inverawe Glenorchy Hamper among the 50 Best Christmas Gifts for Men

From the 50 Best Christmas Gifts for Men - Inverawe Glenorchy Hamper was voted Number 28.

Inverawe Smokehouses has an impressive range of Christmas Hampers and Gift Boxes to choose from ... all of which have enough have enough to please your foodie fellow on Christmas Day and throughout the months to come. ... And if the food doesn't last until Summer, the wicker hamper certainly will. The Independent Magazine - December 2007

Which Magazine - December 2007

Which Magazine article praising Inverawe Smoked Salmon

From their article 'Delivery Delight - we tried out online food specialists to see whether their produce deserves to make it on to your table at Christmas'. Frances Atkins, Head Chef at the Yorke Arms was asked to prepare them and give her views.

Inverawe Smokehouses...Smoked Salmon Royal Fillet...Frances was pleased to see that this salmon wasn't 'slimy or shiny' and liked the fact it had 'a strong smoke with a definite flavour...she thought this was beautifully presented and perfect for a family.

"Triple Salmon Terrine...she thought that it would make excellent canapes: 'You'd get really good value for money as it would go such a long way'. Which Magazine - December 2007